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Here’s a sample of a brand new song in the works, recorded during our most recent practice on December 15. Inspiration for these riffs is mostly from post-rock bands like Explosions in the Sky and Appleseed Cast. The audio quality is average at best and the song is far from finished, but we liked this enough to share it with you.

We picked up our ugly Christmas sweaters at the Garment District in Cambridge Monday night. We tried to go as tacky as possible while still at least attempting to look decent. Mike had to throw in the Santa hat with the white dreadlocks - we think it’s well worth it. See you Friday night at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Check us out at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston Friday night, Dec. 9 as we perform live following the Self-Proclaimed Rockstars and Kingston 530.


Well have plenty of EPs available at the Woodstock Fair tomorrow! Catch us on the main stage at 1:30.

New live performance recording device came in the mail today. Mike’s trying it out. We’re probably using it tomorrow at the Hard Rock!

Spirko takes Sam’s new scooter for a ride. Not exactly the ideal practice warmup. Now were getting down to business.

Here’s an unedited live take of a new song of ours called “Come for You.” That’s not quite the official title, but it makes sense based on Sam’s lyrics in the chorus. We are all very excited about this song and it seems to have gotten a strong reaction from the crowds the few times we’ve played it live.

Expect us to play it at the Hard Rock Cafe this coming Saturday, August 6! Join our Facebook event to RSVP for the show.

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